enterprise culture

Business philosophy: to provide quality products and services to the community, build their own national brands, and pursue the benefits of society, enterprises and employees                   
Management policy: modern marketing strategy, diversified business field, scientific management system

The spirit of enterprise: leadership must have integrity, employees must have ambition, products must be famous, enterprises must have vitality                                                
Market philosophy: The market is the sea, the quality is the ship, the brand is the sail 
Enterprise style: real and practical, committed to innovation                                                                                                      
Learning concept: Modesty and studious, strive to make progress 

Quality policy: to quality for survival, quality for development, to quality to benefit                                                                      
Service purpose: credibility first, efficiency first, customer first, service first

he concept of survival: improve yourself at any time to adapt to the rapidly changing market                                                                              
Competition Concept: Integrity, Development, Improvement and Perfection 
Customer Relations: Customer First, Common Development                                                                                                      
Technological innovation: constantly pioneering and enterprising, leading the new trend of the industry

Ethics, fashion, honesty.

Three letters: to win confidence in the user; Credibility to employees; Credibility to partners(shareholders, governments, suppliers, agents, media, etc.).

Morality: Better to lose money than to lose credibility; No matter how big or small business is, it is equal; Be sincere and Frank with others, and strive for excellence in your work; Bright and upright officer, clean and uncomplicated;

Human Style
(a) Respect for others: respect for their personality and respect for their work; Respect for other sectors; There is no distinction between high and low, only different responsibilities and division of labor.
Building credibility: the courage to take responsibility and fulfill commitments.
Treat people with kindness: don't think the worst of others.
Discipline: high standards of self demand, beyond the expectations of others.
Broad treatment: wide standards, wide field of vision.
Open self: let others understand your needs; Let others know of your difficulties; Let others know you need help.
Substitute thinking: Active understanding of other people's needs; Make others feel understood and helped; Think more about other people's feelings, less training people regardless of the occasion; Think of others as good, and keep your eye on the shortcomings of others;



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